RapidX Ferrino Line Black Ergonomic Chair Review

When you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable gaming chair, the RapidX ergonomic chair is one of the best options that you have.


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The design of this RapidX ergonomic chair is made with many little details that make it stand out. From the colored stitching to the diamond pattern, the subtle branding, the quality of the leather, all this make the RapidX ergonomic chair stand out.

Discover all the things that you need to consider when choosing the best office chair for you.

Even though the RapidX ergonomic chair seems just like a gaming chair, the truth is that it can perform really well as an office chair as well. The main idea of the company when was developing this chair was to make like a hybrid among the two, where they could gather the advantages of both chair styles.

Featuring a supportive shape and a sleeker design, the RapidX ergonomic chair also includes different adjustments to make it perfect for everyone. It includes a locking tilt mechanism as well as you’ll be able to recline it between 85 and 165 degrees. Plus, one of the main advantages is concerned with the armrests. This RapidX gaming chair armrests are made of PVC and they can be adjusted in three directional settings.


When you start using the RapidX gaming chair, you will immediately notice the high comfort and support it provides you. And since this chair is completely customizable, you even have the ability to remove the lumbar support. This may be helpful when you are reclining the chair to be more comfortable. The back of the chair is extremely supportive and you’ll find that the cushions are just in the right place to provide you with the right alignment for your back no matter if you’re using the RapidX Ferrino Line Black Ergonomic Chair as a gaming chair or as an office chair.

One of the things that really stand out on the RapidX gaming chair is the quality of the materials used. It features a high-quality polyurethane leather that is made to last and on the inside it comes with a high-density foam core to provide you with the comfort you need.

The RapidX gaming chair has a five-point base and casters that is stable.

Some of the users who already bought the RapidX ergonomic chair state that this is an extremely comfortable gaming chair. However, they would like to see a bigger seat since the one that uses at the moment can be a little tight for bigger users.


Nevertheless, one thing that seems to be consensual is the ability to customize everything on the chair, which is one of the best things that you can get from both a gaming chair and an office chair.

Summing all up, when you’re looking for a good-looking office chair that is ergonomic to provide the support your back needs and is made with the best materials, the RapidX ergonomic chair is one of the best options that you have. After all, it allows you to have the versatility to use it as an office chair or as a gaming chair.

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