Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair Review By Users

When you are looking to take enjoy the good weather outdoors, nothing better than taking advantage if a zero gravity chair. After all, besides all the benefits a good zero gravity chair offers, you are also able to enjoy a good day outdoors.

When you are searching for such a chair, one of the best options that you have and that you should absolutely consider is the Faulkner zero gravity chair.


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Even though there are many different zero gravity chairs, the Faulkner zero gravity chair is one of the best on the market. The truth is that it features an ergonomic design and it is made with a blend of only the best materials.

One of the things that we absolutely love about the Faulkner zero gravity chair is the fact that it is incredibly comfortable. In addition, it’s very flexible since you can easily adjust the reclining position that you prefer.


No matter if you want to have it on your patio, backyard, take it to the beach or place it near the swimming pool, you’ll be able to enjoy it. After all, the powder-coated steel tubing is weatherproof and lightweight making it perfect for the outdoors and to carry it with you wherever you go.

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The Faulkner zero gravity chair is covered with a high-grade poly-cotton fabric melded with a breathable nylon mesh that increases the air circulation.

In what concerns with the armrests, they are also ergonomic and they move as you recline the chair, making you comfortable all the time.

When it is time to choose the reclining position that you want, the Faulkner zero gravity chair couldn’t be more simple. You just need to use the lever lock adjustable system to choose anything between the zero gravity reclining position and up to an upright sitting angle.


Another thing that you can adjust is the headrest. The reality is that the Faulkner zero gravity chair feature a sliding-retractile design headrest that makes it easier to adjust to make sure that you have the best lumbar support as well as the best head support.

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While you need to assemble the Faulkner zero gravity chair when it arrives at your home, the truth is that you won’t have any difficulties or problems with the process.

The Faulkner zero gravity chair has a maximum weight capacity up to 350 pounds and it can easily accommodate small, medium, and tall users.


Overall, the Faulkner zero gravity chair comes with multiple fabrics that you can choose from. One of the things that we really like about this outdoor zero gravity chair is that it is made to last, even if you leave it outdoors under extreme conditions. Besides, since it is lightweight, you can easily store it and carry it with you when you want. So, either if you want to go camping, to the beach, to the lake, or simply use it in your backyard or patio, it couldn’t be simpler.

Able to support all users, either bigger or small, as well as up to 350 pounds, the Faulkner zero gravity chair is extremely comfortable and supportive.

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