Choosing Office Chairs for Bad Backs

Nowadays, it’s very normal for people to sit in an office chair for countless hours. And this factor alone can cause low back pain or it can also worsen the problem to people who already suffered from it. The main reason behind this is not the fact that you’re sitting for too many hours. The main reason is that you tend to have a bad posture which increases stress in the back, arms, legs, shoulders, and all these will add a very large amount of pressure to your spinal discs and back muscles.

office chairs for bad backs

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Office chairs for bad backs ultimate goal is to help people with their posture. By maximizing the back support, the person will be able to sit in a correct position, reducing back pain symptoms. However, the office chairs for bad backs need to be adjusted to each individual. When they’re not adjusted, they won’t do anything and the back pain and discomfort are maintained.

In order to the office chairs for bad backs can help the individual, there are some steps you need to follow:

* Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is to define the desk height. Depending on the height of the individual who will use the desk as well as the work he is going to perform, the height of the desk will vary. And this is one of the factors to take into account when choosing office chairs for bad backs.

* Step 2:

Now it’s time for the individual to adjust the office chair. The ultimate goal is that he is comfortable using the chair for many hours, so it’s important to look at different factors that can reduce the stress on the back:

Office Chairs for Bad Backs

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Elbow measure: The individual should sit comfortable on the chair, closer to the desk. He should put his hands on the keyboard, for example, just like he would if he was working. The elbows need to be at a 90ยบ angle so he can have a correct posture. If they aren’t, he will need to adjust the chair height.

Thigh measure: The individual needs to be able to slide his fingers under his thigh, near the leading edge of the office chair. If he can’t, he will need to adjust the footrest or raise the height of the desk.

Calf measure: The individual should now sit on the office chair with his butt pushed against the chair back. He should be able to pass his clenched fist between the front of the office chair and the back of his calf. If this can’t be done easily, he will need to adjust the backrest forward to insert a low back support such as a pillow, a lumbar support cushion or a simple rolled up towel.

office chairs for bad backs

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Resting eye level: The individual should now sit comfortably on the chair and close his eyes, with the head facing forward. When opening his eyes slowly, he should be able to see the center of the computer screen. If he sees the higher or the lower part of the screen, he needs either to raise it or lower it.

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