What Is The Best Size Exercise Ball For Sitting At Desk?

Exercise balls can be very useful. After all, they are great for strengthening your core muscles either in a therapeutic or gym setting. The truth is that because they are round and therefore unstable, the exercise ball forces your core muscles to try to constantly stabilize your own body for as long as you are on the ball.

One of the most common questions regarding exercise balls tends to be about their size. In case you don’t know, exercise balls are sized according to their diameter in centimeters. Simply put, the size of the exercise ball that you need is directly related to your height. For example, if you are up to 5 feet tall, a 45 cm ball should be the right one for you. In case you’re 5 feet to 5 feet, 5 inches, then a 55 cm exercise ball should do it.

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While exercise balls tend to be commonly linked to gym practices the truth is that more and more people are adopting them as their own office chairs. So, what size exercise ball for sitting at desk?


According to the University of Minnesota Extension, you should use a bigger sized exercise ball. So, while for exercising purposes you would use a 45 cm ball if you are 5 feet tall, for sitting at a desk you should use a 55 cm exercise ball.

But why is the size of the exercise ball so important?

The truth is that depending on what size exercise ball for sitting at desk you may be comfortable and supported or uncomfortable and unsupported.


Here are some of the arguments that are in favor of the use of exercise balls as desk chairs:

#1: Ergonomics:


While exercise balls just can’t and don’t offer the same support as desk chairs do, the truth is that since you need to stabilize your body, the ergonomics is still present.

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#2: Adjustability:


There’s no question that one of the biggest advantages, when you’re buying a good office chair, is that they usually include multiple adjustments. After all, this is the way you have to ensure that your body will perfectly fit it and that you will get the comfort and support that you need. Even though you can’t adjust the seat angle or depth, the armrests, or the lumbar support, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t use exercise balls as desk chairs. After all, you know what size exercise ball for sitting at desk need to be according to your own height.

To ensure that the exercise ball has the right size for you to use it as a desk chair, you need to try it out. Just put the exercise ball in front of your desk and sit squarely on the ball. Close your eyes and ensure that your head angle is good. Then, open your eyes and see what you are facing. You should be able to see the center of your computer screen. In case you’re not, just adjust the ball or the screen height. Then, it’s time to test your elbows to see if they are able to bent at a 90-degree angle.

One of the things that you need to know about using exercise balls as desk chairs is that there are plenty of arguments against their use. These are often related to the lack of safety because you can easily fall off the ball, to the excessive strain that you are causing to your muscles, and to the potential risk of an unexpected deflation.

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