What Is Zero (0) Gravity Office Chair?

In case you are looking for an office chair, you probably came across zero gravity office chairs. But what exactly is a zero gravity office chair and why are there so many people saying they are worth every penny?


Simply put, a zero gravity office chair work by elevating your feet to be at the same level as your heart. This ensures that you will feel stress-free, weightless, and energized. The reality is that when you achieve this position, you are minimizing the toll that gravity takes on your body on a daily basis. There are multiple things that this position affects including cushioning sore muscles, improving circulation, relieving back pain, and reducing strain on your vertebrae.

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Overall, zero gravity office chairs are known as stress relief chairs since most mental pains, body pains, and even some diseases derive from stress. So, if you find a way to fight stress, like using a zero gravity office chair, you are fighting these diseases and health conditions that have been a problem for you. 


One of the things that you will find in most zero gravity office chairs is that they allow you to lock-in the position that you prefer. So, you just need to figure out the position where you feel better and use the locking mechanism.


Zero gravity office chairs allow you to align your torso with your thighs and, at the same time, extend your lower legs above your heart, creating a 120 degree open angle between your thighs and abdomen. While it may seem uncomfortable in case you never tried a zero gravity office chair before, the reality is that this position will help your spine decompress as well as your spinal discs return to their normal shape and size. Ultimately, a zero gravity office chair decreases the pressure on both your lower back and spine, and increases blood circulation and lung capacity.


Here are the main benefits of zero gravity office chairs:

#1: Relaxation:

When you are using a zero gravity office chair, you will immediately feel relaxed, both mentally as well as physically.

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#2: Increases Circulation:

As you are probably aware of, one of the best office chairs that help improve blood circulation are the ones that feature a waterfall seat. However, even better than these ones are zero gravity office chairs. The truth is that your lower legs will be elevated which will immediately improve your blood circulation as well as the oxygen circulation.

#3: Improves Lung Function:


When you are sitting on a zero gravity office chair, your lungs will be able to fully expand. This way, you’ll notice that your breathing will be heavier improving the lung function. Besides, it will also help oxygenate the blood.

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#4: Relieves Pressure From Your Spine:

As soon as you sit on a zero gravity office chair and put it on your favorite position, you’ll immediately feel a relieve on the pressure on your spine.

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