Should You Get an Ergonomic Ball Chair?

There are many people arguing about whether an ergonomic ball chair is good or bad for your health.

When you’re looking for a good chair, you just want it to be comfortable, to last, and on the budget. However, and considering some of the arguments on this discussion involve health issues, you need to be informed before making any decision.

ergonomic ball chair

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And not even the medical community seems to agree on the whether you should get an ergonomic ball chair. Some case studies show people who actually experienced lower back pain when using the ergonomic ball chair. However, others tend to show that using an ergonomic ball chair might not be safe. For example, the potential air loss on the ball may lead to instability or it can simply roll away.

A Nayden Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Connecticut physical therapist, Jeremy Vigneault said that “there is really nothing overly good nor bad per say about the exercise ball chair.” According to him, there isn’t a perfect chair. It’s all about the posture and this needs to be practiced by each one of you. In his opinion, chair manufacturers are only using the back and neck health to make more sales.

ergonomic ball chair

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But how does it feel like to sit on an ergonomic ball chair all day long?

Well, it’s odd. It just feels different and you need time to adjust yourself to the ergonomic ball chair. When you first sit on the ergonomic ball chair, you will sit very straight and maintain a great posture. You might not feel you’re safe so you tend not to move even an inch. Within some minutes, you might start feeling a bit uncomfortable. After all, you’re just sit down straight and trying not to move. So, you’ll most probably move to your old chair for some time. However, you’ll start noticing that the old chair doesn’t seem the same anymore. Only after some minutes on the ergonomic ball chair, and despite you weren’t very comfortable, the old chair just seems strange and it seems that your body just doesn’t fit there anymore.

And most probably, the next few days will be like this. Sitting on the ergonomic ball chair for some time and moving back to the old chair. However, you’ll be able to sit for longer periods and you’ll start to be more comfortable as well.

ergonomic ball chair

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There are several things most people using an ergonomic ball chair noticed:

#1: It’s possible to bounce on the chair;

#2: For some people, bouncing on the ball makes them stimulate their thinking;

#3: When you need to stretch you don’t even need to get up. Just slightly lean to the side or back.

However, there are also some disadvantages:

#1: You can’t lean back anymore when you’re using an ergonomic ball chair or you might fall.

#2: In the summer, the ball may get sticky.

#3: Make sure you don’t bounce too much or you might not feel very well.

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