OFM 24-Hour Ergonomic Upholstered Task Chair Review

As we tend to have a more sedentary life and we just need to sit for many hours straight, OFM wanted to deliver us the possibility of being comfortable 24/7. And they developed the OFM 24-Hour Ergonomic Upholstered Task Chair.


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The OFM ergonomic chair main goal is to be comfortable enough for you to sit for as many hours as you need. However, when you look at it, it seems just one more ergonomic office chair that has a strong base with casters and includes armrests. So, what does the 24-hour comfort mean? Where is the difference between the OFM ergonomic chair and the rest of the office chairs on the market?

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The truth is that there are a lot of differences that make the OFM ergonomic chair stand out. We can start by mentioning the extremely comfortable and thick seat, the largely padded backrest, as well as all the customizations and adjustments that it allows you to do to ensure that you get the maximum comfort and support from it. Just to give you an idea, the OFM ergonomic chair features 12 different adjustments that you can do.

By being able to adjust the same OFM ergonomic chair, this makes it as one of the first options to many business owners who run businesses where there is multi-shift. This way, while an employee can easily adjust the chair to his own needs, when another shift starts, the same OFM ergonomic chair can be readjusted if needed.


In what concerns with all the features that you can adjust in the OFM task chair, these include the tension, the tilt, and the height.

The OFM task chair is covered with a vinyl upholstery that is not only pleasant to the eyes and touch and it is also good for your health since it features antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The fabric is also stain-resistant.

If there is one thing that will allow you to be more supported and comfortable is the armrests. In the OFM task chair, the armrests are also adjustable both in height and width.

The OFM task chair has a weight capacity up to 400 pounds.


One of the best things that you will be glad to know about the OFM 24-Hour Ergonomic Upholstered Task Chair, is the fact that it’s a GreenGuard certified product. This means that the OFM 24-Hour Ergonomic Upholstered Task Chair is guaranteed to be a low chemical emission product.

Overall, the OFM ergonomic chair is a great office chair that can be easily used by different people. One of the best advantages of this office chair is, without any question, the amount of customization and adjustability it provides. Even though it may not be very durable in case your employees keep moving from one place to the other, the reality is that the OFM ergonomic chair is made with a high-quality upholstery that is resistant to stains. Plus, the OFM ergonomic chair is environmentally friendly.

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