Most Common Types Of Office Chairs

Office chairs have a specific design to provide you with comfort and support. Today, there are many different types of office chairs available on the market. Each one of these types has a specific function in the workplace. 

Here are the most common types of office chairs:

#1: Conference Chairs Or Boardroom Chairs:

This type of office chair is perfect for meetings. Since many meetings may take several hours, these chairs are great to relax as well as they allow you to remain in the same position, always feeling comfortable. Usually, conference chairs aren’t adjustable or mobile.

#2: Ergonomic Chairs

type of office chair

When you’re looking for an office chair that helps you with your posture and provides you the support your back needs, ergonomic chairs are your best choice. Ergonomic chairs have one goal in mind: to give you the maximum support to your back. So, if this is the type of office chair that you’re looking for, make sure that it allows you to adjust the height, headrests, and even the armrests.

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#3: Executive Chairs


Executive chairs are perfect when you need to keep moving around your office in all directions. They usually have a high backrest and the armrests are usually padded as well so that you can be comfortable.

Usually, each executive chair may have a unique feature and this is why they are usually more expensive than an ergonomic chair, for example.

#4: Guest Chairs

In case you allow visitors to your office, you’ll need guest chairs. Usually, guest chairs aren’t flexible, adjustable or mobile. However, they are usually very comfortable.

#5: Mesh Chairs


While office chairs are usually lined with leather and foam, mesh chairs are lined with a different fabric that allows them to have a good air circulation. Mesh chairs are perfect when your office tends to be very hot. Many people also choose mesh chairs to use in front of their computer at home.

#6: Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs are used by many different kinds of businesses. For example, one place where you’ll see them often is on cafeterias. When you’re holding a special conference, for example, where you want to invite extra attendees, stacking chairs can also be one of the best options you have. Since they are very lightweight are easy to store, the fact that they don’t have wheels doesn’t affect them. In case you’re looking for stacking chairs, you’ll be able to find many different designs as well as colors.

#7: Task Chairs

Task chairs are one of the most popular types of office chairs. Their design is pretty basic and they usually include wheels and casters that allow you to move freely among the office. In order to make them comfortable, most manufacturers tend to use foam.

Task chairs also allow you to adjust the height of the seat and they are usually the most affordable office chairs you can find.

When you’re looking for chairs for your employees, you need to remember about their tasks. Since each office chair has a different goal, having different office chairs for different employees depending on their tasks is usually the best way to go.

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