LCH High Back Executive Office Chair Review

Maybe your old office chair just broke. Or maybe it is no longer providing you the best comfort and support that you need. Or maybe you’re just switching your office decoration and you’re looking for the best office chair. No matter which case is yours, one of the best office chairs on the market right now is the LCH high back executive office chair.


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One of the things that you will immediately notice on the LCH high back executive office chair is the fact that it has a high back. No matter if you like it or not, the truth is that when you are looking for the best comfort and support, you want to make sure that the office chair that you buy has a high back. In addition, the entire office chair includes an extremely soft padding that will add even more comfort and support.

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The LCH high back executive office chair designers seem that they didn’t forget about any detail. If you don’t believe us, then you might want to take a look at the waterfall seat edge that it includes. This ensures that your leg fatigue will disappear and, at the same time, your blood circulation will increase.

And since we are writing about an office chair, we just need to make sure that you know all about the multiple adjustments that you can do on the LCH high back executive office chair. For starters, you can easily adjust the seat height. Then, you can simply regulate the kind of recline that you like between 90 and 180 degrees. And if you are a bit tired and in need of a nap, just flip over the footrest. Is that simple.


The LCH high back executive office chair is covered with a high-quality PU leather that makes it not only beautiful but also elegant. This synthetic leather will suit any office decoration no matter if it is modern or more classic.

At the bottom of the LCH high back executive office chair, you will find a heavy-duty nylon base with nylon rolling casters. So, you can rest assured that you’ll continue to move around the office just the way you like, without any problems.

The LCH high back executive office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and you shouldn’t expect any major problems during the assembly process. After all, you can see how it is done by searching for the tutorials directly on YouTube.


Overall, the LCH high back executive office chair is one of the best office chairs on the market today. The truth is that it is one of the most comfortable and supportive chairs and allows you to adjust the height and the recline as well. In addition, it includes a footrest when you just need a break from work.

While some office chairs tend to have problems either related to the quality of the materials used or to the assembly process, the LCH high back executive office chair is not one of them. This high back office chair is made only using the best materials to ensure that it lasts for many years in good conditions as the assembly process is incredibly easy.

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