Ficmax High Back Computer Gaming Office Chair Review

More and more adults like to play video and PC games. So, it really isn’t a big surprise that gaming chairs popularity has been increasing over the last couple of years. So, the multiple brands had to adapt in order to offer what buyers are looking for.

In case you are looking for a gaming chair that you can also use as an office chair, one of the best options on the market right now is the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair.


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One of the main advantages of getting yourself a gaming chair that can also be used as an office chair is that you will be saving a lot of space and money at the same time. However, in terms of comfort and support, you can expect to get the same high-quality. So, let’s take a closer look at the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair.

One of the things that we really like about the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair is the fact that it features an ergonomic design and combines a huge number of features and adjustments that will help you get to that high level of comfort and support that you are looking for.

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The Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair is covered with a high-quality PU leather that can not only be easily cleaned as it is fade resistant, and the padding is made of a high-density thicker sponge that shows a high permeability as well as a high resilience.

In terms of the adjustments, you can expect to easily change the seat height of the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair along with the smooth armrests. In addition, you can also remove the lumbar cushion and the headrest pillow if you prefer and depending on the task that you need to perform. One of the things that most users tend to like about the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair is the fact that this gaming chair allows a 90 to 180 degrees backward adjustment which is great when you want to stay up late either to play a game or to work. You can also take advantage of the foot support in case you are feeling your legs a bit tired.


With a weight capacity up to 300 pounds, the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair can also be used to get a vibratory massage. All you need to do is to push the button and you will immediately notice some lumbar relieve.

One of the main problems many people have when they are looking to buy a good gaming chair is related to the assembling process. The reality is that you will need to assemble the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair by yourself. However, you shouldn’t have any major problems since the instructions are extremely clear and you will easily identify all the different pieces.


Overall, the Ficmax Computer Gaming Office Chair is one of the best gaming chairs on the market. Besides the fact that it is comfortable and extremely supportive, you also have the ability to use the footrest as well as to take advantage of the vibratory massage that can provide a great relieve in the middle of the working day.

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