Few Considerations When Buying An Office Chair If You Are Tall Or Short

When you want to buy an office chair, and no matter if you ultimately buy it online or in the store, you like to try it. So, you just go to one store that has almost all the models you looked at online and try each one of them. You sit, you adjust the seat height, check the tilt, adjust the armrests, check if you have a 90-degree angle on all your joints. You basically check everything that everyone tells you to do. So, you end up buying it and you just can’t wait for it to be assembled.

As soon as it gets to your home, you assemble your new office chair and experiment everything once again to make sure everything is working properly. You take your time and you finally set everything according to your height. Now, it’s time to take your new office chair and put it on your desk. Only to finally realize that it doesn’t fit. So, what’s happening? Everything seemed to be fine. You are comfortable, have all the support you need, your joints are at a 90-degree angle, everything is just like it was supposed to. And it’s simply not working. What’s the problem?

#1: Matching Your Office Chair With Your Desk:

This is something that is very important and when you’re getting your office chair and desk separately, this can happen. When the chair is too low (or you’re too short), when you’re trying the chair, you’ll notice that your shoulders will start to scrunch up to your ears. However, if the chair (or you) is too high, you can’t manage to put your legs under your desk or you need to hunch a lot to be able to work.

This can be a real problem and the truth is that is a lot easier for shorter people to solve it than it is for taller people. The problem of taller people is that no matter how high your desk is (in case it’s height adjustable) is that its maximum height can be too low for you to be able to have your joints at a 90-degree angle, for example. And, as you already know, this can lead to terrible back pain problems, as well as shoulder and neck pain.

One of the main features that you want to look for is the reclining function. So, make sure to check the best reclining office chairs.

#2: Using Footrests:


When yo are short, a great alternative that you have to get the best office chair is to also get a footrest. Since you probably already have a desk and you only need an office chair, your desk may already be too tall for you. And since you need to adjust the height of the chair to the desk itself, one of the best options that you have to make sure that your feet are flat on the ground is to get a footrest.

#3: Choosing The Right Adjustable Chair Height


This factor is especially important if you’re tall. When you’re tall and you just got yourself a small office chair, there are no adjustments that you can make to make it even slightly perfect. However, when you’re short, you can always get a footrest that will help you in case the chair is too tall for you.

So, making sure about the height range is crucial. In case you’re short, you should look for an office chair that has a height range between 15 and 24 inches. In case you’re tall, you may want that the extension is, at least, by 30 inches.

#4: The Backrests


The backrests of your office chair depend on your upper body height. You may just be the same height of your friend when you’re both standing. However, when you sit, you’re much taller than him. Why? Your upper body is bigger than his and his legs are bigger than yours.

Not all bodies are proportional and this is why you need to make sure that the backrest is the right one for you.

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