5 Considerations To Choose The Best Office Chair

Why are so many people talking about the best office chair? Does the best office chair really matter or is it one of those hypes that we see?

Well, if you want the truth, just look around you. How many people do you know that work on their desks? And for how many hours? You now understand where we are getting, right?

Sitting in an office chair for so many hours isn’t healthy at all. You probably already heard, at least, some of the people you know complaining about the back pain. It’s not the work itself, but the pain can be terrible.

So, you now understand that having the best office chair is crucial. But what factors should you look at when you want to get one? What are the most important things you need to consider when you want to buy the best office chair?

#1: The Best Office Chair Needs To Have A Full Back:

best office chair

When you’re looking to buy the best office chair, you should really consider getting a full back chair. After this considerations, the more adjustable it is, the better. Make sure to check if the chair includes adjustable positions (also in terms of lumbar support), recline settings, height, and armrests. All these factors are important to take into consideration.

#2: The Breathable The Material The Better:

The material that an office chair is made off is usually one of the latest factors that most people take into consideration. However, there’s no question about its importance. When you’re looking for the best office chair, you need to make sure that the upholstery is breathable. This means that if it isn’t comfortable to the touch, you should put it aside. The last thing you want is that your office chair overheats or starts to scratch. Just check the top budget office chairs.

#3: The Seat Size Needs To Fit You:

Have you ever imagined wearing the clothes of your older brother when you were kids? How about the ones from your younger brother? They wouldn’t suit you; they would either be too big or too short. And this same question arises when you’re looking for the best office chair. When your office chair has a seat that is either too high or too big for you, your tendency will be to sit forward. So, you’ll be missing the lumbar support your back needs.

#4: The Armrests Should Not Be Overlooked:


When you’re trying to get an office chair, you usually don’t care if it has armrests, if they’re adjustable, or anything else because you think you won’t need them. The fact is that you do need them. And they should be taken into consideration. If you have to shrug your shoulders to make sure that your elbows fit on the armrests, you should get rid of that office chair. Ultimately, you need to look for an office chair that allows you to adjust the position of both your hands and arms.

#5: The 90-Degree Rule:


One of the signs that you should look for to check if an office chair is the right one for you or not is the angle of your knees, hips, and ankles. They all need to be at 90 degrees or you won’t be comfortable. When you’re not, the office chair is either too short or too tall for you.

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